Stories: Razia

Razia and her children are pursuing their dreams

Thanks to hard work and support from friends like you!

After fleeing violence in Afghanistan, the change to build a stable life in the U.S. was an incredible opportunity.

Although Razia didn’t have professional work experience in her home country, RefugeeOne’s employment team helped her find a job that used her gifts and allowed her to become self-reliant.

And this wasn’t the last support she saw from RefugeeOne. So refugees can make the most of their earned income, we partner with local banks to provide regular financial workshops.

Razia enrolled and took the information seriously, because she was determined to buy a house. She started saving and building her credit. Her 23-year-old daughter also pitched in, working evenings and weekends to save for a down payment.

This fall, they became the proud owners of a home in Niles.

​Razia’s two daughters are also pursuing their dreams. Anisa and Huma recently enrolled in RefugeeOne’s young adult mentorship program, where refugees ages 16-24 get personalized help setting and achieving education and career goals.

​Anisa, 23, wants to become a supervisor at the hotel where she works. Her first step toward that goal is to re-enroll in evening language classes to perfect her English, without interrupting her work schedule.

She and her mentor are exploring what kind of educational tracks can prepare her for a management role. They’re also hoping to find somewhere for Anisa to take piano lessons – just for fun!

When Huma, an 18-year-old high school student, met her mentor for the first time, she laid out a clear vision: finish high school, go to college, and become a pilot.

They agreed that makes her first priority acing her computer science and math classes. Then they’ll be researching colleges and visiting a Chicago campus together. Huma is also hoping to meet a pilot so she can hear about the experience firsthand.

It’s amazing what refugees overcome and accomplish as New Americans. Your support can create opportunities for refugees like Razia, Anisa, and Huma – just 3 of the 2,400 refugees we’ve welcomed in the last 5 years.


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