Annual Report FY23

The past year at RefugeeOne saw rapid growth and held incredible new achievements. Through the dedicated work of our staff and volunteers – as well as valuable partnerships with employers, landlords, teachers, co-sponsors, donors, and others – we have seen lives transformed. Together, we celebrate the milestones refugees reached as they began providing for their families, working toward their goals, and became integral contributors to our community.
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Biennial Report FY21 - FY22

Support from the RefugeeOne community allowed us to rise to occasion despite challenging circumstances and events. We built a new headquarters and doubled our staff. Together, we adapted services due to COVID-19, welcomed hundreds of Afghans who were abruptly evacuated from Kabul, began serving Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion, and welcomed additional refugees from 62 other countries. We're grateful to every donor, volunteer, and community partner who played a part.
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Annual Report FY20

Refugees spend years, often decades, searching for a safe place to call home before coming to Chicago. In 2020, their challenges were compounded by federal attacks against the resettlement program and the onset of COVID-19. But thanks to your support, refugees weren’t left to face these obstacles alone. Thank you.
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Annual Report FY19

We were thrilled when Chicago was named the most welcoming city in the U.S. — people like you made that possible! We're proud that the RefugeeOne community supports newcomers beyond just a warm welcome, walking alongside new neighbors long-term to help them succeed.
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