Journey to Self-Reliance

RefugeeOne was honored to receive the Philanthropy Award for best Human Service Organization from the Make It Better Foundation.

Creating Communities of Welcome
RefugeeOne continues to welcome refugees at O’Hare each week. Many of these families will be met at the airport by co-sponsor teams, who play a critical role in helping refugees thrive in their new home. RefugeeOne was featured in this national video about the life-changing relationships co-sponsorship offers refugees and volunteers alike.

​Interested in learning more about co-sponsoring a family with RefugeeOne? Click here.

Lighting the path forward.
For all the paperwork, studying, legal fees, interviews, and waiting—lots of waiting—becoming a U.S. citizen is no easy feat! Hear from five courageous and inspiring refugees about what becoming U.S. citizens means to them. Their journeys brought them to Chicago from Iran, Somalia, Burma, and Togo. Today, they are proud to be U.S. Americans.

Hopeful new beginnings. Unlimited potential.
In the last 3 years, RefugeeOne welcomed more than 1,600 refugees. Nearly half were children.

Meet the Mweniake & Mwenembuka family.
Three generations of proud new Americans. Learn about them and the community that welcomed them to Chicago

Hear their song “Upendo,” which means Love.

In 2016, RefugeeOne helped a Congolese family who was spent 20 years in a refugee camp resettle in Chicago. This is their song about the community that welcomed them.

Rohingya Refugees In Chicago

Follow Abdul Samad, a 26 year old Rohingya refugee as he tells his story of fleeing from persecution and creating a new life in Chicago with the help of RefugeeOne.

Chicago Welcomes Syrian Refugees
Against the backdrop of the ongoing civil war in Syria, RefugeeOne welcomes Syrian refugees with the help of welcoming Chicagoans.

Welcome home, Mwenebatu!

After five long years apart, Mwenebatu was finally able to join his wife and son in the United States. Now, this reunited family can start a new chapter in Chicago, together.