Ilya Sheyman ​

Vice President


​​Ilya Sheyman’s family came to the Chicago area as Jewish refugees from the former Soviet Union when he was four years old. Thirty-one years later, together with his wife, children, and a group of close friends, he had the opportunity to pay the support his family had received forward by forming a co-sponsor group with RefugeeOne to welcome and help support a family of newly arriving refugees from Afghanistan.

Ilya is currently CEO at the Good Food Institute where he leads a team of scientists, entrepreneurs, lawyers, lobbyists, advocates, and other experts building a more sustainable food system. Prior to that experience Ilya spent nearly seven years as executive director at MoveOn (a public policy advocacy group and political action committee) and worked as a strategic consultant to a variety of non-profits, advocacy efforts, and national legislative campaigns.

Ilya lives in Evanston with his wife Sara, their children, and numerous animal companions.