English Language Learning


For Adults

  • Volunteer Tutor Trainings
  • Worksheets and activities
    • Hopelink Worksheets – Collection of handouts, lessons, and resources for teachers of Adult English Language Learners
    • ELTbase – Database of worksheets, quizzes, lesson plans, and more for learners and teachers of English
    • Jimmy ESL – Free, downloadable English language worksheets, organized by category
    • English 4U – Free, downloadable grammar e-books
    • Engoo – Beginner to proficient materials and lessons, grouped by categories and courses
    • Handwriting Worksheets – Make custom worksheets to practice handwriting
  • Apps
  • Reading
  • Videos
    • VOA Learning English – Videos about current events sorted into levels of difficulty
    • YouGlish – YouTube channel dedicated to improving English pronunciation by offering repetitive tracks of specific words

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For Youth